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Bar Towing Inc

Roadside Assistance and Towing Service in Bend, OR

Bar Towing Inc in Bend, Oregon is a towing company providing car tow services and vehicle towing. Our fleet of tow trucks and towing professionals know how to handle any size towing job including cars, trucks, SUVs and vans. We are available 24/7 for your convenience. When you find yourself broken down or unable to drive we understand that you want a professional and friendly service. Our tow truck drivers strive to be as helpful in your time of need as possible.

Around the clock, if you need a tow or roadside assistance we are here for you. With affordable rates and superior service we set the Bar in towing. Not all tow service companies are the same. Call us to experience the Bar Towing Inc difference - (541) 361-5393.

...and much more

BAR TOWING INC provides car towing servics to the greater BEND, Oregon area. We are a professional towing company offering competitive prices - call now (541) 361-5393.

For more information about our services, please call us at (541) 361-5393 or visit our Services Page
Bar Towing Inc
Bend, OR 97702
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Bar Towing Inc
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Unhappy Customer . in Bend 3 months ago

(5 out of 5.0) I'm calling American Towing 5417497499 next time, reason stated below: This guy is the worst foul mouthed biggot in this town, who doesn't care about helping anyone, all he wants is your money. He will not hessitate to insult you, even is you are a customer in need.
Sean J. in Bend 3 months ago

(5 out of 5.0) wanted to say thanks a bunch for the 3 am tire change for my wife. My wife works swing shift and I was out of town when her tire went flat. she was in a bind and he came out took care of the tire, didn't charge extra like the othe two companies. THANK YOU!!!!
Dont do it
. in 5 months ago

(1 out of 5.0) This company towed my car for no reason, Do not go to them. Bad bad company
This guy is an asshole
Unhappy C. in Bend 6 months ago

(5 out of 5.0) I was pulling into a parkinglot, did not see him direcring me to stop so he preceeded to call me "FUCKING RETARDED" this guy is a dick. I'm not suprised to see all of these shitty reviews for his bullshit company
this company is HORIBLE
Travis G. in Bend 1 year and 0 months ago

(5 out of 5.0) this guy is the most unprofeshional person ive ever delt with. his custemer sevice was very poor and he used his dog as intimidation. then tried to tell us how other people in the community were "pieces of trash" and proceded to call them out by name and tell us all about his person. over all rating negative numbers. this guy is a creep!
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